Awesome Coffee Secrets

– Coffee is a gold shield for your liver. Coffee lovers have 80% lesser risk of cirrhosis – a chronic disease usually a result
of alcoholism or hepatitis. It is typically marked by the degeneration of cells, inflammation and fibrous thickening of tissue,
as defined.
– Coffee plus added cream tends to cool down slowly in about 20% compared to a cup of pure coffee.
– The more roasted a coffee is, the more it loses the amount of caffeine. So, expect a bold and black coffee with lesser power
to keep you awake.
– The smell of coffee has a bigger tendency of waking you up in the morning, as scientists reported. Accordingly, the aroma
resists the activity of some genes in the brain thus diminishing the effects of sleep deprivation. Coffee reaches your
bloodstreams as fast as 10 minutes, which is why coffee aroma is very popular for breakfast or generally in the morning.
– Japan has Cat Cafes where you can chill and relax with cats. They also have Coffee Onsen Spa for a greater relaxation coffee
spa experience.
– Coffee is the second commodity most traded in the world, next to oil.
– Coffee can also be used as both moisturiser and fertiliser.
– Luwak, a Sumatran wild cat, produces the record of the most expensive coffee in the world. The animal is unable to digest
coffee beans so in the process of digestion, the coffee is otherwise fermented in the Luwak’s stomach. Therefore, when the
beans are excreted, they come out as suave, chocolaty coffee. It costs more or less than $600. Isn’t it sweet?
– Before working out, you can try a dose of caffeine because it increases your adrenaline level and discharges some fatty acids
from fat tissues, resulting to a better physical workout.
– There are two types of coffee primarily called as Arabica and Robusta coffee. Robusta has twice caffeine content compared to
Arabica which comprises seventy percent of coffee beans.
– The coffee belt includes all the regions of Africa, South America, Central America, and Asia that have the appropriate
condition needed in mounting coffee.
– A fungal disease called coffee rust is responsible for attacking the leaves of the coffee plants resulting to its death. The disease has devastated Central America in the 19th century and became a threat to farmers’ livelihood all over the world.

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