Really Strong Coffee

Strongest Australian Coffee

Killer Coffee™ 1lb


Coffee with a strong, full taste, without being harsh on your tastebuds.

Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Smooth in texture – Strong, yet Bitter-Free.

This is Killer Coffee.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


  1. Lauren

    Absolutely amazing coffee. Like biting into the coffee bean in the best way possible. Absolutely worth the price (which isn’t even bad?!). If you’re on the fence about purchasing just do it!

  2. john

    As good as you get in any coffee shop. I used to pay $4 for a in 12 coffees I have covered the cost of a kilo.

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, Really Strong Coffee

Strongest Australian

Awaken your inner rebel with Killer Coffee™. 100% Australian concocted, roasted and brewed, we’ve dared to create the strongest coffee Australia has to offer — and we’ve succeeded.
Developed by our Renegade Roasters™ using three hand-selected Arabica beans brimming with exceptional flavour and death-defying strength, we’ve gone to great lengths to perfect our iconic roasting process.

What’s so special about Killer Coffee™?

Crafted at our boutique Sydney-based coffee roastery, Killer Coffee™ has been hooking the bold and bravest since November 2014. Each bean variety is carefully roasted for the perfect time and at the right temperature to bring out its maximum flavour and strength, then post-blended to create the final recipe. Trust us, you’ve never tasted coffee this strong.

Six Times Stronger Than Your Regular Coffee

Killer Coffee™ is scientifically tested and proven to contain 172 mg of caffeine per 100ml making it six times stronger than your regular cup of coffee. Seriously strong coffee — minus the bitter taste.
All the caffeine you’ll ever need — and then some! Killer Coffee™ delivering caffeine hits to every corner of Australia, the US, and the UK, make sure you get some!