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Killer Coffee
By Killer Coffee Co - Really Strong Coffee / July 4, 2016

8 Signs Why Drinking Coffee Leads You to a Healthier Life

Tracing back 10th century when coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia, it was just a simple plant that energized the goats. And then surprisingly decades after, it still has the...

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By Killer Coffee Co - Really Strong Coffee / June 14, 2016

8 Brilliant Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds

Throwing away your coffee grounds? Not so fast. Beyond coffee’s ability to alert sleepy brainstem at 7 in the morning, it has a life outside the bean, too. Do you...

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By Killer Coffee Co - Really Strong Coffee / May 25, 2016

Awesome Coffee Secrets

- Coffee is a gold shield for your liver. Coffee lovers have 80% lesser risk of cirrhosis – a chronic disease usually a result of alcoholism or hepatitis. It is...

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By Killer Coffee Co - Really Strong Coffee / April 28, 2016

Coffee Latte and the Art Challenge

One of the coolest things that coffee can offer you is this literally consumable art. Coffee art, barista art, or coffee designs – you may call it differently but familiar...

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