Killer Coffee™ 1lb


The famous Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength blend that conquered Australia and New Zealand. Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Completely Bitter-Free and jam-packed with caffeine to keep you going.

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    1. Charlene

      loving this coffee! (also the incredibly quick, fast and friendly service) . This coffee is really smooth and as described by most people who Ive shared this with Wow.

    2. Anonymous

      Its fantastic. It not bitter, very smooth. Amazing strength for my morning coffee.

    3. Karla

      Loving this coffee at the moment. Very smooth, no bitter aftertaste. Gets the heart rate moving first thing in the morning!!

    4. Nik

      Very nice blend, wakes you up! Gets a little bitter if you have more than an espresso shot. Great for long blacks though. Will be buying more! Excellent product and very fast shipping.

    5. Kamila

      Pretty good taste for such a strong coffee, no real bitterness. I would have double or triple shots of normal coffee in the morning, now its just a single of Killer. Great service from the site too, speedy postage.

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  • At The Killer Coffee Co.™, we’re taking our caffeine hits to death-defying new levels; bringing you a post-blended, dark roasted, Industrial Strength, small batch coffee that’s strong enough to Wake The Dead™, without breaking your teeth with bitterness. Whether you’re a daredevil, a sleep-past-midday student, an experimental coffee aficionado or a recovering energy drink addict, we’ve got all the caffeine you’ll ever need. And then some.

    Crafted by the team of Renegade Roasters™ at the boutique Sydney-based roastery, Coffee Galleria™, The Killer Coffee Co.™ blend is set to redefine what it means to drink it strong. Our industrial strength beans will satisfy your coffee snobbery & keep you awake for days. Really.

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