Killer Coffee™ 1lb

(333 customer reviews)


Coffee with a strong, full taste, without being harsh on your tastebuds.

Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Smooth in texture – Strong, yet Bitter-Free.

This is Killer Coffee.

  • Beans
  • Ground
Clear Selections

333 reviews for Killer Coffee™ 1lb

  1. Ivan

    Best I hve had for years

  2. Ashley Dunn

    Very much like the Killer Coffee . I want one of the cups how do i get hold of one .Cant wait to try some other coffee .

  3. Anonymous

    I really enjoy Killer Coffee. It is a very strong flavour but less bitterness. Works really well with my aeropress.

  4. Chris Harman

    I was very excited to try this industrial strength blend but was bitterly disappointed with glossy, overly roasted beans that seemed stale and lacked the complexity Ive come to expect from a premium coffee

  5. Not gonna hurt anymore

    Well as the heading suggests Im not much of a morning person. 3 kids and a life as a tradesman dealing with customers who could use with a peg lowering I often find myself looking for a solution. When I first bought this coffee i was a mere mortal who would have nuclear outbursts resulting in grown men crying, since taking regular double shot long blacks I am now known for being capable of soothing the most crazy MFer in your company, and taming a tantraming 2 yo. Thankyou killer coffee for putting the killer in my cup and removing it from my thoughts.

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