Killer Coffee™ 1lb


The famous Killer Coffee™ Industrial Strength blend that conquered Australia and New Zealand. Rich, aromatic, with notes of caramel. Completely Bitter-Free and jam-packed with caffeine to keep you going.

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    1. Tim

      You will not find a better coffee

    2. Anonymous

      Wonderfully strong blend without the bitter aftertaste. A must for all caffeine connoisseurs.

    3. Chris

      Tried this brand of coffee to see what it was like and now i am hooked. This is be best tasting coffee i have ever had and have recommended it to friends to try out.

    4. Ed Edbrooke

      Got my coffee very quickly and have found it a great tasting coffee, I like mine strong. Will definitely be ordering some more in near future

    5. James

      Amazing, delicious coffee. Freaking strong but so smooth

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  • At The Killer Coffee Co.™, we’re taking our caffeine hits to death-defying new levels; bringing you a post-blended, dark roasted, Industrial Strength, small batch coffee that’s strong enough to Wake The Dead™, without breaking your teeth with bitterness. Whether you’re a daredevil, a sleep-past-midday student, an experimental coffee aficionado or a recovering energy drink addict, we’ve got all the caffeine you’ll ever need. And then some.

    Crafted by the team of Renegade Roasters™ at the boutique Sydney-based roastery, Coffee Galleria™, The Killer Coffee Co.™ blend is set to redefine what it means to drink it strong. Our industrial strength beans will satisfy your coffee snobbery & keep you awake for days. Really.

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